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We have set-up first health care facility in the city of Islamabad...


Our Partners play a key role in establishing our clinics and...


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About Us

Care for Health Trust has been established for the sole purpose of serving the community needs and requirements in the health sector of Pakistan.


We have witnessed severe challenges faced by the under-served and unserved community that either does not have access to the health care facilities or cannot afford the ones available to them. This challenge of the community motivated us for taking this initiative as first step towards providing an easy, simple and affordable health care facility with professional expertise in order to address this need of our community.


We want to continue with our mission of providing simple and affordable health care services to the community by expanding the network of our clinics in other cities, towns and rural communities. We will achieve this vision by using state of the art technology for providing an integrated health care clinical system run by professional doctors and support staff. We want to built an echo system that will connect the health care needs of the community with our clinics operated by team of professional doctors, volunteers, partners and donors.


Our Values

Core values

Care for Health Trust believes in providing most professional health care and services to the community free of charge...


We believe in strong governance in managing all matters of the Trust including its objectives and alignment of the initiaitives with the vision and mission...


Health is new Wealth in today's world and we strive in providing this wealth to the community free of charge by the most professional...

Financial Audit

Our Certified Financial Management team is responsible to maintain all financials including account statements, balance sheets and cash...

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